Marshall Grocery & Beauty Shop

There were 3 stores within one block of O.L. Price School. They all had their specialties. Jones Grocery made the best toasted sandwiches ever. Marshall Grocery the best hamburgers. Campbell Grocery was known for it’s snow cones and dishwater hot dogs.

Marshall Grocery was on Price St. Mrs Marshall had a beauty shop at the back part of the store. They made the best hamburgers ever and the hand dip Blue Bell. I have vivid memories of this store because Mrs Marshall mother Mrs Eva babysit me. I remember every day when O.L. Price would go to lunch. I would be sitting under the counter. I remember when they would buy cookies and Mrs Marshall may throw a couple of the broken ones in for free. I remember someone asking Mrs Eva about throwing some broken ones in. She said “Boy we have to pay for these and so do you. Don’t you come in here and ask me for no free cookies.” Mrs Eva did not play. I’m thinking like yea Mrs Eva more for me later.