Blackshear / O.L. Price Panthers Football Games

1961-football-teamThe O.L. Price Panthers was a great football team that during the time of segregation played in the Prairie View Interscholastic League . In 1962 the O.L. Price Panther won the state championship against the Dalton Colbert 42 to 6. On home games the Taylor Ducks played one night and the O.L. Price Panthers would play another at Memorial Stadium in Taylor, TX. After every home game there would be a dance at the Community Center when it was on Gym St. After integration Coach Edward “Bud” Elders was offered an assistant job with the Taylor Ducks but declined because he could not see coming from a winning program and going to a program as an assistant.

I remember as a young boy watching the football team practice. Watching them run up and down the hill at Fannie Robinson Park is sketched in my memory… Click here to view images !

4AHouston Yates 18, Fort Worth Dunbar 15
3AFort Worth Kirkpatrick 6, Houston Fidelity Manor 0
2AWharton Training 40, Lubbock Dunbar 6
1ATaylor Price 42, Dayton Colbert 6


Coming soon an interview with members of that State Championship team !