Campbell Grocery Store

There were 3 stores within one block of O.L. Price School. They all had their specialties. Jones Grocery made the best toasted sandwiches ever. Marshall Grocery the best hamburgers. Campbell Grocery was known for it’s snow cones and dishwater hot dogs.


Campbell Grocery

Campbell Grocery was owned by Mr. Joe and Mrs. Laura Campbell. Mr. Eddie also worked there. It was located behind the lunch room part of school on Price St. I remember being around 9 years old and going helping sweep store and I would get paid with moon cookies. I also remember close to the age when I was going to playing the Fannie Robinson Little League and then intergration happened and me and a friend of mine was the first African Americans to play in Taylor Little League. Mr Eddie and Mr. Joe would take time 3 or 4 times a week to catch baseballs and give me a few pointers. They would say “Have you done your home work?” Me “yes sir” They “Let’s play ball”. I never will forget the time our team made the paper and our picture and names were in there. They were so proud. For the rest of their lives every time I would see them they would say “Let’s play ball”. 🙂