Jones Grocery Store

There were 3 stores within one block of O.L. Price School. They all had their specialties. Jones Grocery made the best toasted sandwiches ever. Marshall Grocery the best hamburgers. Campbell Grocery was known for it’s snow cones and dishwater hot dogs.

Jones Grocery was located 1 house west of Price St. on Dolan St right next to O.L. Price school.  Mrs. Kates who was Mrs. Jones mother ran Jones Grocery the early years of store. As stated above they were know for their toasted sandwiches. Not to take away from anything else they served it was all good.

Mrs Kates lived on Scott street. She had a screened in back porch so you could not see when she was back there.  She had plum and peach trees in her back yard. I remember when we, I mean those other boys would go up the alley and jump her fence and get peaches and plums. All of a sudden she would come out with her walking stick and run us away. When I got older I would go by there and sit on porch and talk to her. She told me “I would watch y’all getting my peaches and plums, and I didn’t mine. Its just y’all would get greedy and then I would have to run y’all off .” After all these years I realized that’s why we never got in trouble for it. In those days when you did something wrong and neighbors saw it. The news would get home before you did…