The Footbridge

footbridgeThe Footbridge is located on East 2nd between Robinson and Dolan. Prior to the bridge being built, there was a large “foot-log” over Bull Branch Creek, and African American students on the east side of town that attended O.L. Price had to cross the log to get to school. According to the Texas State Historical Association, during high water students would fall off the log into the sewage-filled water and have to be rescued. The only other option was to walk along the rail trestle, which was also dangerous. With the help of iconic Taylor physician Dr. James Lee Dickey, the bridge was built for students to use. The footbridge was built around 1940. Kids that lived on the South-side, Projects, and west of the creek neighborhoods would walk across this bridge on the way to and from school. 

What the bridge was really known for was the place where if you got into it with someone at school you would tell them to meet you at the bridge after school. Now back in those days, you did not fight at school because the consequences would be worst than the fight. A whipping at school then one when you got home. If you saw a lot of people after school running toward the bridge you knew what was going on. Now I remember this from the 60’s but when I had a relative that went to school there in the 40’s she ask me about the bridge and I took her down there to show her it was still there. She told me the same story about after school. 

Kids in the neighborhood use to like to go down to the creek to fish and play on the bridge and in the water, even though our parents told us not to. A little way down from the bridge lived two brothers Mr. Bibs and Mr. Bibs and they lived right across from each other. I remember when they would hear us down there they would call our parents or come down with a belt in their hands knowing we were not to be down there and we would take off running. That sense of the whole neighborhood looking out for everyone makes me smile because now I realize how special that was.